10 Things About Me

Hello! Here are 10 things about me, the woman behind the artistry.

1. I am a pharmacist by day, but not one of the pharmacists that you would see in a pharmacy. I work to ensure other healthcare professionals receive accurate medical information about products. It's pretty cool to work on that side but sometimes it gets a little hectic.

2. I love food. Food is life. I don't really have a favorite but I can always go for some tacos and enchiladas (and pho, and sushi, and paneer). See what I mean? 

 This is a rare occurrence. I actually wanted to be in a photo haha.

This is a rare occurrence. I actually wanted to be in a photo haha.

3. Speaking of food, I steer more towards the vegetarian or plant based diet and am working my way to becoming fully plant based (or vegan if you will). It's mostly vegetarian at this point but I am committed to making healthier food decisions for myself. Now if only I can be as committed to exercise...

4. I love to bake. Especially during the holidays. It makes me happy to see my family and friends get excited and enjoy my baked goods. 

5. I love photography. I love taking photos of landscapes and candid photos when the mood strikes me, but I don't particularly like being in pictures. Like for instance, while on vacation I will snap so many photos of the landscapes, trying to capture it just so, and very rarely you'll see a picture of me. I'm trying to get better at it though!

6. Reading and writing were my first loves. I don't get to do as much reading as I did as a child but every now and then I can curl up with a good book and some tea. Currently reading: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I highly recommend checking this book out.

7. Traveling! If you ever saw my other Instagram (@jenliyah7) its full of travel photos. I currently travel for work and it gives me the opportunity to see places I wouldn't otherwise go to. If I could, I would just travel the world. The funny thing is that I am not fond of planes but my wanderlust wins out every time.

8. I am a total animal lover. When I was little, there were two things that I wanted to be: an artist and a veterinarian. Don't ask how that dream turned into pharmacy, but it hasn't dulled my love for animals or art (and yes I am one of those people who will stop what I'm doing to squeal when I see a kitty or dog).

 One of my very first pieces!

One of my very first pieces!

9. I taught myself to draw when I was 7. I'm not sure why I gravitated to sketching so heavily, but it is one of my loves and I enjoy getting lost in the drawing process. I'm totally out of practice now but every now and then I will sketch something not related to jewelry design. Maybe I'll post them here someday.

10. I fell into making jewelry in high school. I used to live in the arts and craft store and one day wandered into the bead aisle and convinced myself that I could make jewelry. I bought a book and off to the races I went. I never thought I would get to the point of being able to sell my designs and am extremely grateful that I am able to do so.